Windows of Time

Windows of Time 1973

Five social misfits undergo cryogenic suspension. When they awake in the far distant future, they find a world devastated by nuclear war. Yet they discover that each of them has some personal involvement - and responsibility - for the series of the events that ended in the destruction of the world they knew.


Vampirismus 1982

A Count marries a woman with illness that makes her suffer attacks of vampirism. The Count took flight in the wildest horror, and ran, without any idea where he was going or what he was doing, impelled by the deadliest terror, all about the walks in the park, till he found himself at the door of his own Castle as the day was breaking, bathed in cold perspiration. Involuntarily, without the capability of taking hold of a thought, he dashed up the steps, and went bursting through the passages and into his own bedroom.

The Strange Bedfellow

The Strange Bedfellow 1986

1. IDENTIKIT LOVE Chan has difficulties solving the case since the piece of skull was so incomplete. Chan is inspired to use Winnie's feature for double exposure... 2. DRAGON SEEDING In the future, child birth is decided by computers to maintain the quality of society will be consolidated. Eric and Candice every time can only have a female "quota"... 3. BETWIXT TWINS Tong falls in love with her twin sister's boyfriend. So she kills her sister and marries the man without his knowing the swit