Yakuza War: Chalice of Shura 2003

In this gritty Yakuza drama about the struggles between the Kanto Yakuza forces and Tohoku forces, a newcomer of the Kishimori Group takes on the dangerous task of launching a new office in rival territory.

The Intent 2: The Come Up 2018

Before the T.I.C and the Clappers crew were formed, the members worked for a ruthless Yardie boss, Beverly. One of the boys, Jay has ambitions to set up on his own. He has no money, his car keeps getting towed away, every move he makes to get money and lift himself out of the everyday struggle is unsuccessful. Inspired by his high-flying girlfriend, Selene, he sets about laying the foundations for his own organised crime ring. Things are going seemingly well until he is arrested and Beverley discovers his hidden ambition. An ill-fated robbery after a stint in jail and a trip to Jamaica tears the crew apart. All their actions are being monitored by an undercover police officer who goes by the street name ‘Gunz’, who has been deployed by the Met Police to ingratiate himself with the crew. With the same grit, humour and action sequences as its’ predecessor, ‘THE COME UP’ promises to follow ‘THE INTENT’ in becoming an instant cult classic but with international reach.

Yakuza Legend: Kill Them All 2005

After serving a term in prison because of shooting the leader of the rival group, Goro finds out that his fellow Yakuza Shiroyama, left the group and living as a normal people.

PROGRESS Chapter 73: Fourth Shade Of Green 2018

Chapter 73: Fourth Shade Of Green Show date: 15th July 2018 Mark Andrews vs El Phantasmo TK Cooper vs Rob Lynch Eddie Dennis vs Danny Jones Tyler Bate vs Travis Banks Kings Of The North vs British Strong Style Killer Kelly vs Toni Storm Mark Haskins & Flash Morgan Webster w/ Vicky Haskins vs Sexy Starr Drew Parker vs Jimmy Havoc - No DQ

Les anges de Satan 2007

Casablanca, 2003. 14 young hard-rockers are arrested and condemned for sentences from 3 months to 1 year. What are the accusations? Satanism and shaking the foundations of Islam. Based on actual events.

Lullaby 2002

Variations on the theme: today over 300 000 children are fighting wars across the world.

Voyeur's Web

Cinnamon joins a voyeur's club in order to write an article for a magazine. Sam is an undercover cop and working on a vice operation when Olivia discovers his true identity.

MGS: Philanthropy - Part 2

In 2013, Hive started planning a sequel, "MGS Philanthropy - Part 2". The project, unfortunately, in October 2014 came to a halt due to licensing issues. A piece of the project survived, though; "The Land Where Truth Was Born", a scene from MGSP2 which was originally conceived as a tool to promote a Indiegogo campaign for funding the completion of the whole movie, is now available as a 12 minutes short film.

Petula 1970

Petula Clark's second TV Special with the same name. Dean Martin and Peggy Lee guest star.

Pair of Love 2010

Li Jeng-je and Hue Wei Luen are bestfriends. Before they realize, they fall in love with each other and change their relationship from best friends to lovers. But Je is a basketball player who is afraid that his sexual orientation might be found by his homophobic friend, so he decides to break up with Lun. He tried to have a straight relationship with Ying, who is actually a lesbian. But eventually, herealizes that it doesn't feel right...

My Sky, My Land 1976

Armenian artist Hakob Hakobian repatriated from Egypt. There, far from his native land he was painting portraits trying to find in the faces of his models Armenian features. In Armenia he is painting also landscapes and even just the sky. Working in his studio he tells about his friends-repatriates. They by themselves, or their parents had survived during the genocide of Armenians in Turkey in 1915, and were dispersed all around the world. We see Hakobian's friends back in Armenia at their work: an old farmer with his big family, a driver, a gas-stove expert.


Ramayani is a 1945 Hindi mythological film directed by Sarvottam Badami for Purnima Productions. The music direction was by S. N. Tripathi with lyrics written by Bekal Several films were made in that era based on the Ramayana. Vijay Bhatt made his famous Ram Rajya (1943), and Purnima Productions made their version of the epic, titling it Ramayani The film starred Pahari Sanyal, Nargis, Chandra Mohan, Rose, Kanhaiyalal and Amirbai Karnataki [Wikipedia]

The Forest 1985

A short film about a single tree in the forest which has been cut and used as wood.